Monday, March 17, 2014

74-75 OPC WHA Set Card by Card #15 - Ron Climie

 The second card in the set to feature an Oilers jersey is Ron Climie. Unlike the first, you get a good full shot of what their uniform looked like. Certainly different than the Oilers jerseys of NHL fame but you can see some similarities with the Logo. Ron was drafted by the Blues in 1970 but unlike many of the other post, Ron never played in the NHL at all.

Cool fact on the back, Ron apparently was traded for Darryl Sittler! Ok, maybe the rights to Darryl Sittler but if he ever wanted to play in the WHA it could have been one of the most lopsided trades ever. Nevertheless, the Oilers scored Ron Climie and he lead the team in scoring during the 73-74 season but faded pretty fast after that. During that same year, Darryl Sittler was 22 years old and he scored 38 goals and 84 points which were tops for the Buds that season. Pretty similar numbers in pretty different leagues.


  1. My sister worked with his brother in Hamilton so I got her to have this card signed for me--when I wrote to the Hartford Whalers about forwarding some cards to former players, the alumni head actually asked me if I had a contact for Ron as they didn't have any info