Saturday, March 15, 2014

74-75 OPC WHA Set Card by Card #14 - Gerry Odrowski

The first Road-Runners card in the set doesn't disappoint as it features a nice clear view of the uniform. I am not hating what I see, hard to say if I would be a lover of it either. Definitely lots of points are earned here for originality. As far as cards go, this is one of the rougher ones in my set, and I might try and replace it some day.

Another pretty cool comic on this card. Apparently forwards kill penalties with a Tommy Gun. Gerry started off in the NHL at a very young age but then for some reason found himself in the WHL for a number of seasons. When the NHL expanded Gerry found himself back in the NHL and then back to the WHL. Like a many other fringe NHL'ers Gerry found a permanent home in the WHA where he scored more points than he did at any other level. In 309 NHL games, Gerry scored 31 points, in the WHA he scored 130 points in 27 few games.

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  1. I got this one autographed TTM--as I recall he was mayor or had some civic position in Trout Creek