Friday, March 7, 2014

74-75 OPC WHA Set Card by Card #11 - Norm Beaudin

 The Jets uniforms are ones that I did think were pretty cool for the time period and sort of stayed cool over the years. At some point in my life I think I may try and track down a WHA Bobby Hull Jets Jersey. In the meanwhile, we have Norm with a CCM stick that features a heel that could do some damage.

The trend continues and Norm too was a borderline NHL'er like many in the set so far but was an excellent AHL and WHA player. Playing on a line with Bobby Hull can bring out the best in many players and Norm benefited pretty significantly. Best season for Norm professionally was 38 goal and 103 point season with the Jets in 72-73. When you compare that with his 3 career points in 25 NHL games I think Norm owes a great deal of gratitude to the WHA.


  1. Here's my Norm story--I worked with a guy whose wife was a cousin of Norm--got his address and he signed this was one of the cards I got signed--he also sent a signed colour photo

  2. Cool story as always Al! You have had some pretty awesome experiences over the years, any thoughts to writing a books? Life and times of a TTM collector?