Friday, March 14, 2014

74-75 OPC WHA Set Card by Card #13 - Wayne Rivers

I am very disappointed that my first San Diego Mariners card in this set doesn't feature a full look at the baby blue jersey. Wayne seems to be very pleased to be having his photo taken in front of a cinder block wall. I do think this set would have been much cooler if it had featured action shots but if course you get to see the player more close up with a studio shot.

Here is the back side which features a comic that might be a little confusing. Apparently a player receives a penalty if their stick is carried over their shoulders. Unless the rule has changed, I am pretty sure it isn't a penalty to carry a stick over your shoulders unless you make contact with another player. If that was indeed true, then here is Wayne Gretzky, caught in the act and guilty as sin:

Back to the other Wayne, Wayne Rivers was a fringe NHL'er during the 60's and early 70's but after he made the jump to the WHA he was transformed into a 50 goal scorer. Certainly facts like this hurt the statistical accomplishments of many players who played in the WHA.

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  1. These posts are definitely making me want to put some want lists together for '70s OPC!