Wednesday, February 26, 2014

74-75 OPC WHA Set Card by Card #6 - Bryan Campbell

When I see this card, I can't help but find myself drawn to the jersey. There were some pretty great jerseys in the WHA and some pretty bad ones. What are your thoughts on this one? Personally, not a fan of them at all. In 1972 the franchise was the Philadelphia Blazers, then in 1973 they were the Vancouver Blazers. After two seasons in Vancouver they moved to Calgary to become the Calgary Blazers Cowboys and by 1977 they were done.

Bryan Campbell was another player who was decent in the NHL and was a star in the WHA. Clearly the talent wasn't as strong in the WHA but that shouldn't diminish some of the players accomplishments in the WHA either. What I find interesting on the back of the card is the cartoon of the referee. 


  1. DEFINITELY not one of the finer uniforms to come out of the WHA!

  2. Years ago when I sent for his autograph, he thanked me for writing and to look him up if ever in Florida. The note was signed Soupy.

    1. WOW, that is a pretty cool story. I once told Denis Potvin to look me up and stop by for a beer if he ever was down at his cottage (I have one near his)....he never signed or returned my

      I much prefer your story over mine.